Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(many) Bags on Their Way OTD (out the door)!

At last count, it was eleven bags (grocery store brown paper bags) full of items for the thrift store. I also have a couple of boxes of magazines, which means I'll take everything to St. Vincent de Paul, because they accept magazines. I did as my friends S and C suggested and went through the bins of ebay items to cull them. No, I didn't go through all of them. Just the ones I could get to. The ones I can't get to are boxed into a closet that has junk piled in front of it and thus can't be properly opened.
Here's why I can't get to the rest of those bins right now:

I freed up two bins, pulling out things that had stains or that just weren't worth selling. I haven't listed any items yet. I'll post with glee when that happens.

Feeling fragile again. It's mentally exhausting going through all this stuff. The basement is almost impassible due to the junk. I can barely get through it without hurting myself on something. I'll take some more pictures.

Here're the full bags:


Corinne said...

J, YOU ROCK! Try not to get discouraged, you are doing it. Keep in mind what FlyLady says-your house did not get this way over night, you can't clean it in one day! BABY STEPS! Maybe it's like AA, just do one day at a time, don't worry about tomorrow, just keep baby stepping through today.

Louisa Revista said...

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